About Me

I grew up in Italy and moved to the UK in 1995 to live and work in London…yet I still have an Italian accent after all these years in the UK! I spent a number of years in managerial roles in the advertising industry, first at J. Walter Thompson, and then at the BBC’s internal ad agency (then called BBC Broadcast). Gradually my strong interest in human behaviour and psychology brought me to change career and start my clinical training in psychotherapy. I was drawn to start my training with existential psychotherapy as I found that it was the approach that best answered the many questions I had about life, in particular how to live a meaningful life. My clinical experience started in 2004 and included work as psychotherapist within the NHS at St.Thomas Hospital, as NHS Clinical Team Leader at The Awareness Centre and as Case Manager working with EAP programmes at BUPA Psychological Services. 

In 2009 I set up my private clinic, TherapyTime Group Practice, and my professional activity is now focused mainly on private practice. 

I work with clients on a short-term basis (approximately 8 to 12 sessions), as well as longer-term for more in-depth psychotherapeutic work. I treat individuals and couples and practise in English and Italian. 

I am very passionate about therapy and I really believe it can make a positive difference. 

I place a lot of importance on the relationship that develops between therapist and client, and research shows that it is the determining factor for a successful therapeutic outcome. 

A good and dedicated psychotherapist never stops learning and developing professionally and this is what I strive to do. My clients’ psychological well-being is my mission! 

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