Clients’ Feedback

A collection of statements collected through an online end-of-therapy questionnaire and quoted anonymously but with clients' permission.

Individual Psychotherapy

“I found really extraordinary the way Mila was able to put herself in my position, to understand my problems. I really found the path of personal analysis that she took me through helpful in understanding my internal turmoil, the difficult relationship with my past, my childhood and my parents. What I found most helpful was that therapy helped me to look inside without being harsh and judgmental with myself, but rather trying to be more balanced and objective.”  

“I found Mila’s flexibility to be most helpful to the psychotherapy experience. Her intercultural and transcultural awareness was excellent and very helpful.”

“Therapy really helped me to accept myself more...This means accept my limits but also my gifts! It also helped me get my feet back on the ground every time I moved away from reality or found reasons for not challenging myself and try to change.”

“It helped me look at things from a different perspective and get out of my usual way of reasoning, which opened up new - and sometimes more positive - thoughts that I never considered.”

“What I found most helpful was the opportunity to explore my feelings and concerns, particularly with regards to relationships; to develop self awareness; to gain an understanding and experience of client-therapist relationship to help with training. Overall I am very grateful for the experience and really feel that it was very useful to me - both on a personal and hopefully professional level for the years to come.”  

“Therapy was a great experience. Mila understood what were my problems and she helped me to overcome them.”

The best thing was that I have managed to break a very destructive cycle of using drugs and alcohol. I've also come to better understand certain negative feeling I have about myself. Having the therapy finish, I've come to realise just how useful and important it is, and how much it gave me”

“I found amazing the way you have to understand and immerse yourself in my problems. I found great help in going through an analysis with you to better understand the emotional chaos and my painful experiences with my parents. What helped me the most was to learn to look inside me and do it without judgment and attacking myself, to see myself in a more objective and compassionate way. You were great”.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy

“One of the most helpful things was Mila's warmth and genuine goodwill towards us. You need a therapist who cares but is not overly involved and Mila was engaged but very professional and gave us plenty of space to talk, especially my husband who had never been in therapy before and said afterwards he could not believe how good an experience it was. He felt able to say things that he could never have admitted to me on his own but this was necessary to open up old wounds and start to heal them.”  

“I had a very positive experience. I never thought we could overcome our relationship problems so radically and especially in such a short time. Now I have a completely different way of understanding our relationship, and it seems impossible to go back to the old way of seeing things. The anger and pain have gone. This is for me the greatest result: to have overcome great pain without having lasting scars, to be able to look back without further pain. I never thought this could be possible. What I found most useful was the emotional approach, so different from other therapies. To understand that behind an outburst of anger there is pain, a fear of not being loved and accepted, well, this really is more valuable than anything else. I think this is a learning that can be valuable in any relationship, not just as a couple. It was also really helpful that our pain was really explored in depth and it was healed. There wasn't a hurry, as there is in other therapies, to move on and start thinking positively. I had all the time to really heal the wounds and now I feel good, the pain has gone! Knowing what I'm usually like, I have to say this was really a miracle!”

© Mila Palma