Psychotherapy and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Online (via Skype or FaceTime)

As an Italian living in the UK, I have a personal experience of the challenges that people face when, for work, study or personal reasons, they relocate abroad and strive to adjust to a different culture and often a different language. 


I find it very interesting and professionally stimulating to work with expat communities around the world and especially with couples, who often find it hard to find support locally and have difficulties coordinating family commitments with therapy. Having couple therapy via video link may seem a bit daunting, however with the right set up (I can tell you more about it when we arrange sessions!) it will be almost as good an experience as being in the same room as the therapist. 

I offer evening sessions via video link to clients located in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Australia.

Psychotherapy via video link is also offered to clients who live in London but are unable to come to my practice for valid reasons. As there is a growing interest in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, but not yet many certified practitioners in the world able to offer it, you may also decide to have couple therapy via Skype to have access to an EFT Certified Couple Therapist.

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