Hi, I’m Mila Palma and I’ve been running TherapyTime Group Practice since 2009. I’m a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist and I’m also Certified in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT). 

I work with individuals and couples. As well as at my practice in London, I also work with clients worldwide via video link with Skype, FaceTime or other suitable video platform.

I’m particularly passionate about relationships; the focus of my work has become over the years to help people to relate to each other (and to themselves too) in a better and more authentic way. I found that, many other psychological problems that people experience (anxiety, stress, panic, lack of meaning, depression) seem to alleviate if not disappear completely once people start having better relationships, not just with their partner (if they have one) but with their friends and family. Many of us grew up thinking that being ‘independent’ was good, and that needing others was not so good, but science increasingly confirms what John Bowlby (the father of attachment theory) told us a long time ago. We need others to survive. Being dependent on our loved ones (in other words, being able to and allowing ourselves to lean on others in times of need) is not only ok; it’s essential for our well-being!

I have experience of working with same sex couples and I welcome people from all cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations. I strive to offer a non judgemental space where you can feel comfortable talking about any issues that are close to your heart. 

In the course of our sessions, I will help you become more emotionally resilient and attuned to your needs and those of the people you love. I will support you to find deeper meaning in your life, through an exploration and better understanding of your values, passions and priorities in life. I will encourage you to become the author of your life, by helping you make life choices based on mindful reflection rather than reactivity. 

If I'm not able to help you directly, I can usually help you find the right support either through one of my associates or by directing you to the most appropriate resources for you.

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